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While there is a need for hands-on printables and workbooks, I believe a child greatly benefits from owning their own small Phonics Reader Set. To be able to hold their own books, and be able to synthesize the words without struggling, children will grow confidence! We read to our children every day, but they rely on us to read to them.

Reading a book on their own will make all the difference in their learning and desire to read!

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Oh the first joy to see them read their own book for the first time! Bob Books are an incredibly effective and affordable option for any child. They include simple illustrations, so they do not distract from the simple developmental text.

Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers starts with simple sentences such as:. After phonetically sounding out words, along with recognizing the common sight words in each book, children can begin to comprehend and connect with the text for further understanding. These are perfect for reinforcing concepts and further hands-on learning, and they are FREE!! My favorite phonics-based book set are the Storybooks from Primary Phonics.

I think I am nostalgic because I learned to read with these sweet little books! These books begin with sounds m, n, r, f, s, l that can each be voiced without a vowel sound. This makes them easier to blend with the vowel.

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It also introduces letter Aa as the first vowel sound, which is the case for all the Phonics Readers listed. At the beginning, your child will be sounding out:. The illustrations in Primary Phonics are very simple, and the readers progressively learns their vowel sounds. These Storybooks Starter Set 1 are the perfect introduction to phonics-based early reading. The books contain decodable stories, so they have an added comprehension element while the inside covers clearly list phonetic concepts and sight words included in each book.

Fun Tales are the first readers offered from the homeschooling curriculum, Sonlight. Just like A Beka, they are a Christian company, but they do not have any religious references in their phonics books.

I love the fun, simple illustrations, and again, they progressively move through the letter sounds, as your child is able, introducing only a few at a time. The Very First Reading Set from Usborne includes shared reading for an adult and child to enjoy a fun story together.

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The first book, Pirate Pat , uses only 8 letters to create the sentences that your child will read. And each book adds more letters to create more words to sound out together. On the left page, the adult, or older child, will read a more descriptive text that sets the scene or makes the story more exciting!

Children start by learning just a few phonemes, then learn to combine these in order to read beginning words. The Very First Reading Set has 15 high-quality books in all which will be used through the kindergarten and first grade years. We love the fun stories and vibrant pictures, so they are great for children who like an extra visual element!

A Beka Phonics Readers start very slow, and they only introduce six sounds at once. These are perfect for readers just starting out. The text is large and accessible for the youngest readers. For example, the Little Books your child can sound out:. CVC consonant-vowel-consonant words are progressively learned with delightful, full-colored pictures. Learning the vowels — because they all sound so similar to a child just becoming phonologically aware — is not beneficial for most children. These readers may work for your child as a review of the letter sounds or if you think they can distinguish easily between the vowel sounds.

The second two sets of phonics readers are excellent for fluency and early story comprehension: Animal Friends Books , and Basic Phonics Readers Set. Alpha-Phonics Companion Readers are an excellent edition to the tried and tested Alpha-Phonics program, another program that has been around for years. These readers drill a reader on their vowels sounds before moving to the next letter. Here is an example of the first page of text in the first reader:. I absolutely love these books, particularly because of their large text.

A child can sound out each word in the word family with confidence. Henry learned his alphabet really early it seemed. Identifying a few letters when he was 20 months old and knowing almost the entire alphabet when he was just over 2 years old. If you have an eager early learner, these beginning learning letter activities are perfect for toddlers!

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Onto numbers! Amazing tips! I might start baking the alphabet, sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing! He learned the letters by us reading the Dr. Thank you for some great ideas! My daughter is in early child hood education, she will love these ideas. Also, wanted to share a link to a great product. Thank you for the great materials!

Sometimes I teach kids and will definitely use some of those methods, especially Letter Sound Activities! Thanks for sharing great ways to teach ABC Alphabets to kids. Let me share another great way to teach ABC Alphabets to kids. As you know kids are really crazy about smartphones and tablets, so why not teach them with fun using smartphones. Thanks for linking up Simply Real Moms! We have a great article including the letter builders activity of ours you shared that includes over 13 ways to learn letters without flashcards! Learning through play is the way to go! Great new site for kids, Alphabet, Numbers, coloring pages and more, We are updating the site continuously.

This is a terrific resource! He knew all of his letters by sight until he went to kindergarten and they teach the phonics of the letters first, ugh! So now we are on letter sounds! So many ideas where do I start? Love, love, love this collection! My older son also learned his alphabet as well as sounds very early. He had the alphabet down by about 22 months, mastered what sound each letter made by about 24 months.

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Wow, what a fantastic collection of ideas! Thanks for sharing. Loved reading through your ideas. America thinks of everything as a competition and is comparing everything to China. Reading aloud to babies is more about language development and love of books.

It shoutlkd be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day in very short on the lap sessions full of love and laughter. That can happen with moms, dad's, siblings and in daycare.

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It's about knowledge building and relationships a great start to eventually loving reading. I was brought up on Dick and Jane, too, and have no brief against them except they are rather limited culturally, which is a whole other issue for a later post And I appreciate your support for the idea that, by third grade, students should have a pretty free hand in choosing their reading materials.

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  • I want to add, also, that even for older kids, the teacher's role in choosing books can still be essential!