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The marquee players obviously drive the narrative, but "Once Upon a Time" generally feels like less than the sum of its parts -- a movie most enjoyable in its smaller moments, from meticulous, spot-on versions of '60s TV shows Rick starred in a mythical western called "Bounty Law" to the deft, breezy way the story incorporates L. Tarantino is so enamored with his gift for writing dialogue as to let scenes go on, offering a terrific showcase for his leads, here flanked by a gaudy assortment of cameos.

DiCaprio's rage-filled expressions of self-doubt alone should be mandatory viewing in acting classes. Critically speaking, "Once Upon a Time" billed as Tarantino's ninth movie, although that math is a little fuzzy deals from a stacked deck, delivering a love letter to fellow cinephiles, augmented by the director's customarily oddball flourishes and obscure references.

On the latter score, being sentient in isn't mandatory, but having some familiarity with cultural artifacts of the time, like Dean Martin's Matt Helm movies, surely helps in fully appreciating the gags. Tarantino's output is over the last quarter-century has made his movies feel like an occasion.

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Fun stories for those just learning how to read. Though I love the book, I can't guarantee I will sit still long enough to listen.

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Advanced Search. Happy Reading! Our Children's Bestsellers This Week. The veteran actor has a bad day while filming the pilot for the new western television show Lancer , forgetting his lines and embarrassing himself, and he performs a nice bit of self-flagellation during a break from set.


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Well, it wasn't in the script, actually, so we never rehearsed it or anything. It wasn't in the script. It was something that just somewhere along the way of shooting I think I came up with the idea. Here is the thing, though.

That whole section kind of evolved as we were shooting the movie, because there was a whole thing. Leo had a whole thing.

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At some point it was like, 'Look, I need to fuck up during the Lancer sequence, alright? And when I fuck up during the Lancer sequence, I need to have a real crisis of [confidence] about it, and I have to come back from that to some length. Anyone who has seen and enjoyed the finished version of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood will recognize that this was a great notion from the actor — which makes it even more interesting to note that it was something at which Quentin Tarantino initially bridled.

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The filmmaker admitted that the inclusion of the Lancer scenes was partially because he wanted to basically smash two genres in one: make a tiny western inside of his bigger movie about Hollywood. Once the concept was executed during production, though, the director realized that Leonardo DiCaprio was right:. My immediate response is, 'What, you're going to fuck up my western sequence?

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That's my western, alright? I get two for one with this movie! I'm trying to sneak a western in here when nobody's fucking looking.