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Some readings of scriptures suggest that during the time of the Buddha, monks sometimes ate meat. So when we consume fast food there is no mindfulness around the food.

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In her view, when we are separated from the process of cooking, we are neither physically nor spiritually nurtured. The attitude of eating for the spirit — and avoiding harm in the pursuit of a balanced diet — is shared by many religions. For followers of the Jain religion, it extends to protecting all life, including insects invisible to the naked eye.

In its strictest form, Jains refrain from eating root vegetables, onion and garlic to prevent the death of tiny bugs that may be harmed in the process of digging.

How to Lose Weight: 15 Tips from People Who Lost 50+ Pounds

That's why, as she was growing up, Indian vocalist Namita Mehta never ate onion or garlic at home. Jains follow vegetarianism as part of their commitment to ahimsa , the principle of non-violence.

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As the largest beings and those capable of most harm, humans have a unique responsibility in Jainism to care for other creatures. Dr Mehta says it for the benefit of these "small, small beings we take care of" that some Jains will wear a white cloth over their mouths to avoid accidentally swallowing insects. Jains believe in reincarnation, and that, as her husband Rahul says, all living things have "the same soul However, being born as a human brings a unique possibility — the opportunity to achieve moksha , or liberation — which an individual achieves once she or he has equalised karma.

Dr Mehta defines moksha as "freedom from birth and death" as having neither negative nor positive karmic dues — a state only realised through various reincarnations. Although eastern religions like Jainism and some Buddhist traditions have a long history of vegetarianism, these diets are appealing to Christians as well. David Clough, a professor of theological ethics at the University of Chester, became vegetarian at age 18 and understands his transition to veganism as a spiritual process.


He was raised in a Methodist home in the UK, but says the long Methodist history of animal welfare wasn't discussed in his home or church. Only in the past decade, as he was researching and writing his two-part book On Animals, did he learn about the Methodist background of one of the men who started the RSPCA in 19th century Britain. Dr Clough now eats a vegan diet out of a moral concern for animals that "don't experience a life of flourishing". It was an experience on a hike with friends as a teenager that cemented his affinity with animals.

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Scientists suspect we are on the cusp of a sixth mass extinction. Jailed Cardinal George Pell has won the right to argue the case for appealing his child sex abuse convictions before the full bench of Australia's highest court. Here's what happens next. There's been a lot of debate in recent days about bushfires and questioning the influence of climate change, but what do scientists have to say? Photo: Jeong Kwan says many people would benefit from adopting a Buddhist approach to nutrition. Related Story: Meet the Jains of Melbourne, who are doing no harm.

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    Photo: Jeong Kwan communicates across cultures and languages through fresh, nourishing food. Photo: Buddhist temple cooking requires fresh, seasonal ingredients. Your Email. Your Friend's Email. Tips to Nourish Your Spirit. Talk to yourself. Take time every day to check in with yourself. How are you feeling?

    Are you spending time doing things you want to do, or things you feel obligated to do? Do you feel fulfilled? This seemingly basic step is vital for identifying what brings you joy, where your passions lie, and how you can get more of them in your life. I lost my sense of spirit because I stopped checking in with myself; I allowed the other demands of my life, like getting through medical school, to become more important than the things that made me feel my best, like meditation.

    Write it down.

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    Expressive writing is also a way for us to release past traumas or future worries that are keeping us from living in the present moment, which can subdue our expression of spirit. Allow yourself room to change. But life is not static, as humans we need to be able to learn from our experiences, grow, and change. And instead of fighting the idea of changing as we grow older, we can accept it with grace, embracing the wisdom we gain from each passing year and continuing to build our character and spirit from the lessons of simple everyday moments. Clear the clutter. Just like we get caught up in the expectations of others, we can get caught up in material possessions that distract us from our internal needs. A more organized and simplified space will help you focus on more meaningful and non-material aspects of life, helping your spirit shine brighter.