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Feel your pain. Grieve, cry, write, meditate, or see a therapist, if you need to.

Starts With A Bang!

When we look at the past, we realize that we can choose to have faith in our own abilities, and to trust the kindness of life. Revisiting the past allows me to make different choices. Today, the moment I notice signs of abuse or manipulation, I close the door, and move on.

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Another way of making different choices is to travel to the future. You can use the same exercise and imagine yourself ten or twenty years in the future directing your present movie. What would you tell your present self? BY: Manal Ghosain - April 17, What would you do? Would you change anything?

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Then I stopped, and thought: Who am I kidding? I would: Not fight the inevitable, and hang on to what was. Would my life have turned out differently? This exercise is not about regret , but more about choice. So take a moment to do the exercise. Think of this scenario if it helps.

Jump to navigation. I would tell myself the winning Mark Six numbers. That way, I would be able to buy whatever I want. I would learn more about the world and be able to help people better.

You will never be able to turn back time

I would tell myself to think more before I make decisions. I would try to stop this from happening by going back to a younger me and giving them this advice. I Say: If I could create a new Disney princess I would tell my past self to enjoy her holiday. I love to swim. Even when I have homework, I always make time for swimming. When I am on holiday, all I do is swim, eat, sleep, and homework sometimes.

Still, if I could, I would tell the younger me to enjoy my time off and swim more. I wish I had practised harder at the violin, though.

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I really regret not doing that in the past, because I was told there was no room for me to play the violin at the gala. I should also have watched what I ate before I went into secondary school, too. I Say: If I could create a public holiday, I would create a day for I am very outgoing. I wouldn't change anything about my past, but if I had the chance to go back, for just one day, I would use it to give my grandfather one more happy moment. I'll never be able to truly explain the kind of roller coaster relationship I had with him, but when he died I remember sitting around the dinner table with my family just remembering him: his quirks, his moods, likes and dislikes, the whole kit and caboodle.

Well at some point during the whole walk down memory lane, grandma looked and me and asked if I remembered watching Judge Judy with him a couple of days before he died. Of course I did! I had gotten free candy and a lazy day at my grandparents out of it, what kid wouldn't. Well she told me that when I left their house that night he went on and on about how happy it made him just to be able to sit with me. I wasn't really even talking except when I had no idea what the TV was saying and needed to ask questions, and how he got a little light back in his eyes about getting to watch his grandchildren grow up.

I don't remember why I really just wanted to watch TV with him that day, but I will forever be glad that I did. So instead of going back and fixing those answers on my 3rd grade spelling test, or making friends with who I'd now know would turn into the "cool kids" later in school, I'd watch TV, just one more time before I'd never have the chance again. It still bothers me how long it took me to realize that people aren't around forever and that its the small things you miss the most. I would re-start high school with a carefree attitude and not let the actions or opinions of someone else impact me as much as they did.

I would do my best to focus on myself and not let the negative energy and anxiety control me. I would live up to my full potential rather than letting myself be held back by a toxic friendship. I would tell myself I am better than that and I can live without him and deserve better. Now I try to spend as much time with my family as I can because I realize I will be older and have to live my own life and not be able to see them as often.

I would spend more time getting to know them.

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They both had amazing and crazy pasts. One traveled to over 80 countries and did everything imaginable. The other was an army ranger and saw some crazy classified shit. Both were outstanding men and had hearts of gold. And they always told me to get to writing a book. I was discouraged from it. On top of that I have very good memory for lyrics and much better voice control than interment control so yeah… I wish I could have gone back, been the one guy in chorus and worked on my voice and maybe had some lessons on the side so I could be proud of something I have a natural inclination for.

At the time, I hated New York. Which makes sense.