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I read it several years ago but can't remember name or author. The book was a compilation of really creepy suspenseful short stories. The very first story for which the book was named was about a brother and sister about 10 or 11 years old that notice an attic window from the outside of their house that doesn't exist from the inside. When the brother props the sister up on his shoulders from a ladder to look through the window, she opens it to get a better look, but is pulled through completely by an unexplainable force and vanishes.

He frantically checks, but the same window still doesn't exist from within the house. The cover is black with a red window on it I think. I know it was very popular at the time 00's , because every time I was able to take it out, I had to give it back in 7 days for the next person on the waiting list I found your comment when I Submitted by Hollie not verified on September 21, - pm. I found your comment when I was looking for my own forgotten story and got curious enough to try and find yours instead!

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I realise this is from ages ago but in case anyone else comes across this and is interested, is it this one? Looking for book of fiction about a guy in a coma that ends up in the head of a woman that works at a hospital. Looking for title of a book Submitted by Linda Neville not verified on August 28, - am. Started reading a book one summer that I thought was "Love among the Ruins" but this is not the correct title.

It started with a memorable image of an overrun house with plants growing up through walkways. I'm trying to find the name and author of a book I read the story about the granddaughter of Lady Osbaldestone who is found laying in a alley from being attack by robbers is brought home by some Lord somebody. By taking care of her they find this piece of jewelry that belongs to Lady Osbaldestone.

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Lady Osbaldestone takes one look at her face an notice that her eyes has the same distinct color as her husband and son. She puts two and two together and find out she's her son daughter. Perhaps it's one of these novels that have Lady Osbaldestone as a character? Was it one of Stephanie Submitted by Nyia not verified on February 27, - pm.

Was it one of Stephanie Laurens Cynster novels? Its a childrens book with a light yellowy-brown coloured cover with a light sketch of a girl. In the book silver theives through a bag of stolen silve might of been something else into the back of hannah's father's wagon and he gets sent to Australia as a convict for it the second one: is about a boy who is in a coma after being hit by a car after running after his dog.

He eventually wakes up after reliving memories and imagining the nurse who takes care of him. He spends the rest of his life well until the end of the book in a wheelchair. I'm looking for two books actually plot twist they are both children's books i read.

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THe cover of one of them was a light yellowy-brown with a sketch of a girl on it. In the stroy hannahs father is accused of stealing some silver that was thrown into his wagon by theives. He is then transported to australia as a convict. In the last book hannah meets up with a rich family and they help her find her father by going to australia with her.

I'm looking for a book no surprise there Submitted by Crystal not verified on January 2, - pm. It was a book I read in maybe from scholastic book fair in NY. The cover has a picture of a family in a frame with a drop of blood on it.

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A girl has to stay with her aunt or something? There is a boy there who never comes out of his room. It is soon revealed that there is a charm on top of his door that protects him from the ghost if his sister. The girl accidentally smashes a frame on the floor and a drop of blood gets on it and the aunt? Gets mad. The girl takes off the charm one day and the ghost if the sister comes after the boy.

The cover description and date sound like it could be Family by Micol Ostow. The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall? It's a Mary Downing Hahn book, I think. Looking for a book Submitted by Jessica not verified on January 9, - pm. It was about a bunch of characters who slowly started disappearing or dying. You find out in the end that the reason they are disappearing is the reader is dying and they live in her memories. I think I remember it was about this girl and her father who were desperately trying to move and keep up from the black hole that was going to swallow them.

Is it the Brief History of the Dead? I read this book around , Submitted by Carole not verified on January 24, - pm. I read this book around , the plot was government conspiracy to determine future world events, including who the future world leaders would be, price of oil, international crises, wars. A supergroup would meet and plan next big events. Probably written in the 's Thanks! I am looking for a book from my childhood The book had a pale tan cover with the silhouette of a tree on the front.

It was about a girl named Bird, whose mother was very ill. The only way to save her, she discovered, was to get the fruit from a magical tree in a magical garden. She was alone, and was taken in by an old man possibly a wizard? She fell in love with one of the boys that he took in, name started with S, possibly Sto and i remember at one point she was captured, i am unsure by who, and also the trees fruit was only able to be used if your desire was unselfish, or not for yourself. I am unsure of the details of that. I can't remember the title for the life of me. Help me remember a sci-fi-fantasy book?

I would love to find this book. I am looking for a book,i forgot the name and the author. The story was about a teenage boy, awkward and a misfit who comes across a mysterious man. This man gives the boy an oddly shaped bottle containing a magic lotion and instructs him to apply one drop on each shoulder. When the boy does, he grows wings. The rest of this tale is about how he learns to fly, gains confidence and grows up over the course of his summer vacation.

The bottle eventually runs out but our young hero has come into his own by this time. I believe he had a single mom and probably a subplot involving a girl although I can't be positive. Any information regarding this novel would be greatly appreciated. Oh my gosh I remember Submitted by Jess fraga not verified on April 30, - pm. I remember reading that book as well! Black and Blue Magic. I'm looking for a book that I read when I was a teen. The main character a gir is in a private school and is mistaken for a rich girl in the school and kidnapped.

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Her friends play sleuths and figure out where she is. The only other detail I can remember is while kidnapped she uses a stick and a piece of cloth for a toothbrush. Book Submitted by Dani not verified on June 12, - pm. This sounds like the one I'm looking for too. The one who was kidnapped had picked up an I'D bracelet for her friend, the rich one. Does that ring a bell? Sleeping murder by Agatha Submitted by Mrunmayi not verified on November 26, - pm. Sleeping murder by Agatha Christie. Book search..

I'm trying to remember the name of this book. It's about a girl who is italian and lives with her dad, her mom died but was a great cook and the girl took after her. The book starts in the present where she is an owner of a restaurant named after her mother which starts with a C and it flashes back to her childhood when she meets the boy and they fall in love and date then he goes off to school or work and she moves on. Summer by the sea by Susan Submitted by jojo not verified on February 14, - am. Summer by the sea by Susan Wiggs. Need author and name of the book.

The heroine is a police detective - I think her name is Samantha, step-daughter of a senator. The hero is a senior police detective and they are hunting a serial killer. He has four sisters and remembers their stockings drying on the shower rod.

He refuses to get involved with her as long as they're working on the case. A short romantic scene in the stairwell of the police station.

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The book I am looking for is about a young woman, probably around 19 urs old, falls in love with a good looking, well dressed, man. The night of their wedding he begins to abouse her because he doesnt like the dress she wants to wear to the restaurant. He often ties her to her bed when he goes on business trips, leaving her with a bottle of water. She eventually leaves him by escaping from the unlocked house.

I think it is set in the early 70s.