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Everything is progressing steadily and as expected, thanks to your solid preparation and ongoing drive. The Three of Wands signals the many chances available to you to broaden your horizons through study, travel, business enterprise and learning. You are becoming more aware of the opportunities that exist for you right now — and there are still more to come. To take advantage of this potential, you must stay committed to your path and be prepared to stretch beyond your comfort zone, knowing your best hopes lie outside of your current environment.

It is time to think BIG. Consider what you can to open doors to more development and self-exploration. This card encourages you to dream bigger than your limitations. Accept your vision and be confident you will achieve it.

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The Three of Wands also brings your attention to the changes and challenges that lie ahead. Given the man in this card can see far into the distance, then you are likely to be already aware of the upcoming developments and obstacles and can prepare for them ahead of time. Given the image of land and sea, the Three of Wands can sometimes point to travel, especially overseas or over a body of water.

It encourages you to be adventurous and venture to unknown places to discover more about yourself and learn many new things along the way. You may also explore international job opportunities. The Three of Wands reversed suggests that growth and expansion are available to you, but you are choosing to play it safe and stay within your comfort zone.

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As a result, you are closing yourself off from new opportunity and limiting your potential. The Three of Wands reversed indicates that you have attempted to embark on your journey of personal development but did not accomplish your goals.

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Unexpected delays and creative blockages might have popped up on your path. There is disappointment, frustration and a general feeling that you may have just wasted your time by even starting on this path. Similarly, the reversed Three of Wands can indicate that your plans might come to a grinding halt with unexpected delays and other frustrating obstacles. The dragons gave the decisive victory in the Ghiscari Wars during which the Old Ghis is burned to ashed by dragonfire, and the ever-expanding Valyrian Freehold replaced the Ghiscari Empire as the dominant culture of Essos.

The Rhoynar under Nymeria fled to Dorne having no chance against the Valyrian dragons. Four hundred years before the War of the Five Kings , the entire Valyrian empire was destroyed in a single day, during a cataclysmic volcanic eruption known as the Doom of Valyria. Most dragons, still lairing in the volcanoes, were killed outright.

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One Valyrian noble family, the Targaryens , survived the Doom on the distant island outpost of Dragonstone in the Narrow Sea - along with the last surviving Valyrian dragons. The last surviving dragons in the world were possessed by House Targaryen , the last Valyrians after the Cataclysm, who used them to conquer and unify the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros three hundred years before the War of the Five Kings.

Most of the Targaryen dragons died in a civil strife known as Dance of the Dragons about a century and a half later, and after that, the only dragons the Targaryens had were the size of cats. Soon after the civil war ended, the last Targaryen dragons died, and the species was considered to be extinct throughout the world. The only thing left of the race are petrified dragon eggs, which are used as decoration, and the bones which are used for weapon crafting.

According to one legend, dragons originated from a second moon that hatched when it drifted too close to the sun. This is mostly dismissed as a simple myth. They remain the sigil of House Targaryen , who were known to have a special affinity with the creatures. Even Daenerys Targaryen who knows nothing of her true heritage feels a connection with the relics of the ancient animals. She appears to feel a connection with the eggs; causing her to develop a curiosity about the race and the possibility that there may still be living dragons. Daenerys is given three petrified dragon eggs as a gift for her wedding to Khal Drogo.

The three eggs are black, green, and gold. She keeps them in a chest surrounded by candles, day and night as she is drawn to them. Arya stumbles upon the massive skull of one of the Targaryen dragons while chasing a cat in the vaults. She hides in the mouth of the skull and overhears the plotting of Illyrio and Varys. Daenerys continues to experiment with her eggs. She briefly places one of the eggs into a fire pit in an attempt to hatch it, but the egg remains unhatched.

She removes the egg from the fire with her bare hands, but remains unhurt. Daenerys Targaryen places the eggs on the funeral pyre of her husband after smothering him with a pillow. She also straps the witch Mirri Maz Duur to the pyre. She then lights the pyre, and walks into it, with all her followers believing her to have burned alive.

In the morning however, she is found with three dragons, a green dragon in her arms, a black dragon clinging on her shoulder and a white-peach colored dragon clinging on her leg. A moment later, the black dragon screeches and flaps his wings.

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Daenerys tries to feed Drogon raw meat. Daenerys tries unsuccessfully to feed her dragons raw meat, unsure of what she is doing wrong. She coaxes them into recognizing the Valyrian command, " Dracarys ," to breathe fire, so they can cook their own food. During her stay in Qarth, word of the dragons' return begins to travel to other parts of Essos; the rumors are eventually picked up by Varys , who mentions them to Tyrion Lannister.

Tyrion is more concerned with the impending Battle of the Blackwater than with newly hatched dragons on the other side of the world. Pyat Pree invites Daenerys to come to the House of the Undying and be reunited with her 'babies'. Dany's dragons breathe fire in " Valar Morghulis.

Once Daenerys is inside the citadel she is enthralled by two specific illusions: the Iron Throne room with a destroyed roof and snow falling in and the illusion of her dead husband and child. The sound of the crying dragons pulls Daenerys out of the temptation to stay in either illusion. Continuing her search for her dragons she finds them all chained beside each other, and they scream with excitement when she nears them.

Daenerys goes to them, only to find herself chained as well. With her arms stretched to either side of her she becomes a captive. However with a bit of a twisted smile, Daenerys speaks the High Valyrian word for fire, and Drogon first answers her call, but isn't very effective by himself. Daenerys arrives with her dragons in Slaver's Bay , hoping to acquire an army of Unsullied. With nothing else to pay the slave-masters, she offers them her largest dragon, Drogon, in exchange for all eight thousand of their Unsullied soldiers. Revealing to everyone that she speaks Valyrian fluently, she orders her new army to slay all of the slave-masters within the city.

Daenerys then commands Drogon to attack Kraznys; the slave master is consumed in a powerful jet of Drogon's fire-breath. Drogon and the other dragons then provide air support for the Unsullied as they sack Astapor , burning more of the slave-masters and their personal guards. Afterwards, Daenerys's new army triumphantly leaves Astapor marching in formation, with her three dragons flying above. When Daenerys besieges Yunkai next, she keeps her three dragons in her tent when she receives the Yunkish ambassador Razdal mo Eraz , in order to intimidate him. At one point she casually throws a piece of meat to them and they playfully fight over it, much to Razdal's consternation.

Daenerys ultimately rejects Razdal's offer to leave Yunkai alone in exchange for a gift of gold, but chooses to keep the gold anyway. When Razdal's slaves attempt to retrieve it the dragons scare them away. After Razdal threatens Daenerys the dragons grew more agitated; Daenerys points out that he had threatened their "mother", and while she had promised him safe passage as an ambassador, her dragons did not.

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Razdal leaves in frustration. Daenerys ultimately decides not to risk endangering her young dragons again by deploying them against Yunkai, but sends in an infiltration mission consisting of Daario Naharis , Jorah Mormont, and the Unsullied commander Grey Worm.


After fighting their way through the city they free the slaves and start a general uprising. During her journey to Meereen , Daenerys's dragons have grown larger than they were before, feasting on a dead sheep. While scuffling over the carcass, Daenerys attempted to calm Drogon down, but the black dragon snapped at his mother due to his state in a feeding frenzy.

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Jorah then reminded Daenerys that dragons can never be tamed, not even by their own mother. After Daenerys claimed Meereen as its queen, Drogon continues to hunt for their food independently, burning and killing livestock of farmers that live around the Meereenese region. Daenerys visits Rhaegal and Viserion after not seeing them for weeks. She soon sees they have grown larger and more aggressive than they were before. Realizing that her own children have turned against her, Daenerys has no choice but to keep her distance from them.

Daenerys then mounts him, speaks a single word to him " valahd " and he takes flight, making Daenerys the first dragonrider in over a century. Grey Worm reports the dragons aren't eating, Tyrion proclaims it's because Dragons don't do well in captivity. He talks of their intelligence and how the Targaryens raised and locked up their dragons, leading to their extinction.

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He and Varys visit the dragons, claiming he's a friend of their mother, and releases them from their collars. When the Red Priestess Kinvara comes to Meereen from Volantis , she notes to Tyrion and Varys that Daenerys's dragons are gifts from the Lord of Light , and they can burn the sins for those who have lack of faith in the Targaryen queen. While Daenerys's khalasar are riding to Meereen, she reunites with Drogon, who has grown about double in size.

Afterward, Drogon flies Daenerys back to Meereen, which is being attacked by the Masters. When Daenerys refuses to surrender Meereen to the Masters, Drogon lands right by her side before allowing her to ride on his back. After the pair take flight, Rhaegal and Viserion break out of the Great Pyramid to join their mother and brother in burning a few of the Masters' ships with dragon fire. After the Second Siege of Meereen was won and the war over the Liberation of Slaver's Bay ended, the three Dragons fly west alongside Daenerys's newly acquired armada towards Westeros. Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion fly ahead of their mother as she lands on Dragonstone.