Manual A Dream of Daring

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So pioneering leaders rely on a compass and a dream.

A Dream of Daring

But, Vision and Action Can Change the World. April 07, in creativity Permalink. Vision, a compelling view of a future, creates meaning and purpose which catapults both individuals and organizations to high levels of achievement.

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We create meaning in our lives by pursuing our future visions, and we refine our visions based on the meaning we are discovering through our experience. But visions, in particular, are best when they are co-created by the team itself, which means it is easier to 'live the dream'.

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Joel Barker states that "Vision Without Action Is Just a Dream. Action Without Vision Just Passes the Time. Recent Posts Change: so hard to do. Design Space Financial destruction Before the design journey decide where you all are Unfreezing in Schein's change model Coke has the capability to save the world?


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PDF A Dream of Daring

Daring to dream. November - April November - April November November. December December.